What we offer is whatever you want to learn!

Passion ate the Chef personally design our classes to suit your needs, whether it is based around a specific cuisine, chocolate, seafood, dinner parties and timings or simply cost and time effective family meals.

From a solid learning session to a fun, party atmosphere whilst cooking, your 100% interactive cooking class is designed for all levels and styles. From beginner to experienced foody, if it doesn’t already exist we will design a class for you.

As a qualified trainer and assessor our classes are delivered with outcomes in mind. The main outcome is to teach as much as possible in a short amount of time without overloading. We use visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning styles to optimise knowledge. This is achieved in a fun, relaxed, interactive environment. We don’t teach recipes as much as principals. By training and mentoring in this way you are able to take away the knowledge and adapt it to familiar terms.

We facilitate different styles of classes from a non-interactive master class to a full interactive training session.

We can run classes for as many people as you like. If you are seeking maximum knowledge from our classes, 1 to 12 people is good spectrum.