With 20 years of experience in kitchens I can provide answers and the best way to turn a profit.

From cafes and restaurants to most recently designing a dessert range for Gelatissimo and facilitating training programmes for their staff to incorporate this range. I am geared to helping food businesses and training staff.

There could be small or large issues in your business, but if left unattended it could be the downfall of it. With a 90% plus failure rate of food businesses in Sydney in the first year alone, you can’t take the chance. Consistency is the key, front or back of house it doesn’t matter, the issue needs to be addressed and resolved. You only have one chance to make a first impression on a new customer.

This is where I can help. Sometimes the head chef is not up to scratch but you can’t afford to lose them. Sometimes you are not sure what the problem is and sometime times you know what the problem is but don’t know what to do about it. Contact me and I can sort out your problems. I can find you replacement staff, change and instigate new menus, train staff or simply put valuable food safety processes in place. Whatever you need I will do everything I can to help.